Wednesday, October 16, 2002

There are those of us who think that the military's discrimination against gays and lesbians is no different than would be discrimination against African-Americans.

Now I know some people reading the weblog may not agree, and I don't wish to argue it, but once you understand it as my view you can understand my revulsion against those who think a Federalist Society circus stunt designed to show up those evil liberal professors for one more silly piece of red meat in the culture war is somehow more important than the discrimination itself.

There are plenty of bloggers out there who see anti-Semitism behind every tree. I myself see it behind every other tree. But, I also see racism and homophobia behind plenty of trees too, and I fail to see how a principled stance against the military's recruiting policies should be fodder for these bigots.

People can claim all they want that "liberal academy" just hates the military, you know - 'cause they hate America - and are using the whole gay discrimination angle as a cover. Who knows? Sounds rather silly to me, but it really doesn't matter.

UPDATE: For those still unclear, this post from awhile back makes Glenn's position on this general issue clear. Discrimination not good, but being "anti-military" even worse.