Saturday, October 19, 2002

This site is legit too.

Oh My God.

Potomac Fever?

We need your help to better diagnose and treat a major DC malady.

The end of summer brings on health concerns such as fall allergies,
common colds, sore throats, the coming flu season, and even holiday
weight gain. While these concerns are by no means trivial there is an
even more significant health concern that may be impacting you or
some of the people you love and respect. It's called Potomac Fever.
Following is some information to assist you in recognizing, preventing,
and combating Potomac Fever.

General Symptoms include: Extreme disorientation, memory loss, and
occasional delusions of grandeur.

Prevention/Treatment: Frequently listen to or reading the President's
vision for America. Also review the writings and remarks of past
Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and George
H. W. Bush. Listen to their principles, message, and vision.