Sunday, October 13, 2002

Without naming names, but you know who you are, I can't fucking believe people are upset that the initial wire reports about the bombing in Indonesia don't explicitly link it to Muslim extremists - before there is any evidence, proof, acceptance of responsibility, or statements by law enforcement or government officials. That's the kind of journalism you want?

They're still counting bodies, and you want headlines screaming "Bomb Kills 100 or more - Probably Muslims! Or Saddam! Or Al Qaeda! Ah, hell, what's the difference???? Who can tell anymore?!?!"

Really fucking amazing.

Our own media rushed to judgment on OKC and the Anthrax killings. Oops!

Of course, in a huge Muslim country like Indonesia it wouldn't be too surprising if the perpetrators were... Muslim! Though, they wouldn't exactly be Arab necessarily...But, it doesn't really matter. Charging that the media is trying to whitewash these things before there is, well, *any* information basically implies that you want the media to make a story up before there are any facts. That's one way to do it, I suppose.

UPDATE: Haha, I wake up to find vaara has given us a new word:

Glenntropy (n.):
The devolution of hard, fact-based news into sheer fantasy.

UPDATE 2: Looks like it is new word Sunday!

Glenntuition (n.) The ability to just know that the boogeyman of the moment is behind something, regardless of facts, reality, or evidence blatantly to the contrary.


Noonanism (n.) - what results when Glenntropy leads to journalists employing a near masturbatory self-focus, i.e., global trials must be validated by passage through the author's own experience, no matter how trivial or fantastic.