Saturday, December 21, 2002

A bit of justice perhaps...

Awhile back a Mississippi judge wrote this letter to the editor:

Dear Editor:

I got sick on my stomach today as I read the (AP) news story on the Dog attack on the front page of THE MISSISSIPPI PRESS and had to respond! AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE!

I never thought that we would see the day when such would be here in AMERICA.

The last verse of chapter one of the book of Romans in our HOLY BIBLE is my reason for responding and sounding the alarm to this. You need to know as I know that God in Heaven is not pleased with this, and I am sounding the alarm that I, for one, am against it and want our LORD to see and hear me say I am against it.

I am sorry that the California Legislature enacted a law granting gay partners the same right to sue as spouses or family members. Also, that Hawaii and Vermont have enacted such a law, too. In my opinion, gays and lesbians should be put in some type of a mental institute instead of having a law like this passed for them.

I don't know, but I believe if we vote for folks that are for this we have to stand in the judgment of GOD the same as them. I am thankful for our Legislators and pray for wisdom for them, on such unbelievable legislation as this. May GOD bless each one of them in JESUS CHRIST's name I pray!

Thank you for printing this.

Connie Glenn Wilkerson

Now that the country has purged itself of its last racist by deposing Trent Lott, perhaps we can move on to anti-gay bigotry. This bastard is a judge, you see - using his religion to justify his bigotry. Anyone wanna bet how much "justice" a gay man might actually get in his court?

There is at least this outcome:

(Atlanta, Friday, December 20, 2002) — A state commission on judicial conduct today recommended that the Mississippi Supreme Court penalize a local judge who publicly advocated that gays and lesbians should be institutionalized. The recommendation is in response to an ethics complaint Lambda Legal filed with the commission earlier this year, saying that the judge's comments clearly violated the state's Code of Judicial Conduct and indicated that he would not decide cases involving gays and lesbians fairly and impartially.

Today's recommendation marks only the second time that a judicial commission in the South has recommended penalizing a judge for anti-gay bias and is the first such recommendation in Mississippi. Mississippi and a growing number of states explicitly include sexual orientation in their codes of conduct that prohibit judges from demeaning people based on gender, race, religion and other factors.

"This is a significant step forward for Mississippi and for the South," said Greg Nevins, the staff attorney in Lambda Legal's Southern Regional Office handling the ethics complaint on behalf of Equality Mississippi, a statewide gay civil rights group. "Judges are duty-bound to give a fair hearing to everyone, and these kinds of extremely homophobic statements make gays and lesbians, who often face an uphill battle for equality, feel that the justice system is closed off to them."

So, maybe there's some progress...