Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Digby has some words for Andrew Sullivan, regarding his new boss Wes Pruden.

Lil' Andy didn't do his homework before he sold his soul to Rev Moon. The latest neo-confederate object of hate is homosexuality. And Wes Pruden is one of the most influential neoconfederates in the country.

Wes' daddy, after all, was president of the Arkansas Capital Citizens Council during the Little Rock desegregation battles. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the diseased tree.

Wes Jr. was interviewed in John Ashcroft and Trent Lott's favorite magazine Southern Partisan in the famous 1993 AntiGay issue. Andy should have one of those Moonie researchers pull the leather bound copy from his editor's shelf and copy it for him. He'll find it just fascinating.

The truth is that the neoconfederates, which just voted in Sonny Perdue in Georgia get their nut by going after gays and lesbians now that they've been forced to stubble their racist spew.

That's what this anti-"special rights" thing is about, Andy. This is why the hate crimes statutes are opposed.

Here's an excerpt from the issue Wes Pruden participated in:

If You want to know how "Hate Crimes" legislation will work in practice, then here's a good example, Three men from Dundalk were convicted of beating up some homosexuals outside a bar in Baltimore, In Maryland, homosexuals are protected by politicians and coddled by the law. Crimes against these sensitive folks received special handling. ... In this case, the punishments were beyond all reason. One man was sentenced to two years in prison. A second received one year in prison. A third received 60 days.

Lawyer Donald Daneman insisted... that the incident was not a "hate crime." He said the whole thing started when one of the homosexuals grabbed his client's buttocks.

They forgot to mention that the three men assaulted gay bar patrons using a baseball bat and a pipe and escaping from the scene drove their car into the assembled crowd, striking one person, running over another and leaving one in a pool of blood on the roadway.

Better keep that in mind, Andy, when you're hanging around the water cooler with Pruden and RS Mccain.