Friday, December 13, 2002

Hesiod notes that Don Nickles is an unapologetic homophobe. Is this who the Republican have waiting in the wings? Is this who the libertarian wing of the Republican party supports? If not, who the hell would they support to replace Lott?

WASHINGTON — Oklahoma Republican Senator Don Nickles latest comments confirm that anti-gay bias is the sole reason why the United States Senate has been denied the opportunity to vote on James Hormel's nomination to be U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg, according to the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay
political organization.

"Mr. Hormel deserves a vote. Senator Nickles' and Senator Lott's comments clearly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that discrimination is the only reason why the nomination is stalled. Mr. Hormel has the bi-partisan support of more than 60 senators who reject the smear campaign being put forth by anti-gay activists," said HRC Political Director Winnie Stachelberg.

On "Fox News Sunday" Senator Nickles tried to justify his discrimination by saying of Mr. Hormel, "He has promoted a lifestyle and promoted it in a big way, in a way that is very offensive. One might have that lifestyle, but if one promotes it as acceptable behavior, I don't think they should be a representative of this country. I think it's immoral behavior and I think a lot of other behavior is immoral and shouldn't be treated as acceptable behavior."

"Senator Nickles is entitled to live his life and vote as his conscience dictates. However, he has no business in a free country dictating his conscience to other senators. To use his personal religious beliefs to deny due process and keep other senators from voting according to their beliefs is a mockery of democracy," said HRC Communications Director and Senior Strategist David M. Smith.

In Monday's edition of the New York Times, Luxembourg's Ambassador to the United States, Alphonse Berns, said, "We would welcome Mr. Hormel." Additionally, discrimination against people on the basis of sexual orientation is illegal in Luxembourg, as it is in all European Union countries.

Is this who should be leading our Senate? Somone promoting a lifestyle of bigotry and discrimination?