Thursday, December 19, 2002

Howard Owens has stuff up about the CNP.

I never responded to Instapundit's silly point here:

I would have thought, though, that "fundamentalists" -- even though their agenda differs from mine, or from Paul Krugman's -- have as much right to form "pressure groups" as anyone else. Does Krugman disagree? It appears that he does. Or am I wrong here?

What is it with people on the Right that they always assume someone is trying to silence them or argue that they don't have a right to exist? I can't speak for Krugman (unless of course I am him, in which case I always do), but what reasonable person thought Krugman was saying such a thing? The CNP has counted as its members individuals in Congress, some rich business interests, and quite a few people whose avowed goal is to destroy constitutional democracy as we know it, tear up the constitution, and establish a Christian Theocracy. Sounds like advocates of treason to me. No joke. Now, that doesn't mean all members hold such views, but given the very prominent people who are members, and who speak to this group, it seems very appropriate to try to shine a little light on this very well financed "interest group" as it is appropriate to do for every other interest group.

The fact that then candidate Bush spoke to the group and the tape of the talk was disappeared at the very least serves to fuel the theories of conspiracy mongers like myself.

But, what should I expect from people who ignore the fact that the Washington Times is owned by a messianic billionaire, who also is connected to the CNP through its founder LaHaye and others, and staffed with neo-confederates.

UPDATE: sofla says:

It is considered paranoid to mention that this Sun Moon guy has lost billions in his Washington Times publishing company (including Insight Magazine), with no commercial viability in prospect, ever, and staffed it up with his co-religionists, explicitly to influence the direction of US policy, and further his aim of bringing the US, like the rest of the world, under his Messiahship. Moon has said the US is Satanic, Satan's spawn, and its system needs to be destroyed. He has co-opted the religious right by financially bailing out Falwell's Liberty University from the brink of bankruptcy, and bought the endorsement of Bush 41 with millions of dollars of honoraria.

Except for these troubling facts, I'm sure the WaTimes is beyond reproach, and trustworthy as an objective news source.