Monday, December 16, 2002

If you repeat something often enough.

The latest person to repeat the "Trent Lott gets 1/3 of the black vote" canard is none other than Toe Sucker Morris.

According to this exit poll data, Lott only received 11% of the black vote in his 2000 race.

I've heard/seen others report the same, but they've escaped my memory at the moment. If you know anyone else propogating this lie please let me know.

UPDATES: Newsmax of course runs with it.

Digby reminds me that Grover's fake Black organization lied about it here on Foxnews:

Kevin L. Martin, government and political affairs director of the African American Republican Leadership Council, said people were overreacting to Lott's remarks.

"By no means was he endorsing segregation or anything like that. It was lighthearted, it was humorous." Martin said Lott captures 25 percent of the black vote in Mississippi, which he said couldn't happen if Lott were a racist

I ask again - what could be a worse form of race baiting than a fake "African American Republican" organziation that manufactures numbers to defend Lott? My God.