Saturday, December 07, 2002

I've never quite understood why every time Glenn Reynolds says something half way reasonable all the lefty bloggers feel the need to point it out and praise him. It reminds of the pathological behavior some victims of spouse abuse display - "Isn't he wonderful! He didn't hit me today!"*

But, in any case, this time Reynolds hasn't said something half way reasonable, he's said something quite offensive and Sam Heldman so far is the only one to call him on it (that I've seen, anyway).

Reynolds says:

It's easy to forget how things once were. Lott has, apparently. At least, it would be worse if he hasn't.

It isn't that Lott is a bigot who remembers exactly how things used to be and misses it, it's that he's forgotten!

Not reasonable at all.

*Yes, by casting the hypothetical spouse abuser as a male I have once against demonstrated what a sexist Leftist I am.