Thursday, December 05, 2002

Neal Pollack wrote and offered to split his $10 million advance if I advertised his new book. I demanded he also let me borrow his manservant, Roger, for a month, and he agreed.

So, please pre-order Beneath the Axis of Evil , which has already been hailed as the definitive work of 21st century war journalism, narrowly edging out Geraldo Rivera's foray into this genre. If you don't, the Islamic Fundamentalists and their supporters at the New York Times have already won.

And, speaking of The Times and Howell Raines' campaign of terror against the poor beseiged Augusta Golf Club, a recent report on CNN highlighted the rank hypocrisy that has infused those politically correct Stalinists. Apparently a woman has qualified to enter into a PGA tournament for the first time. You see, while the PGA is quite happy to admit women into their tournaments, the LPGA does not allow men to play in theirs. Why hasn't Raines condemned this sexism? Hmm? Hmm?? Apparently it is okay for lesbian feminist golfers to exclude men, and perhaps even to have them killed.

I should be used to the double standards of the sexist Left by now, but I remain enraged. Perhaps Roger can help me to relax.