Wednesday, December 18, 2002

One comparison Bob Somerby has been hitting recently is the disparate treatment of Gore's highly priced consultant compared to McCain's highly priced consultant. Gore was mocked for both the price he paid and the advice he was imagined to be receving.

Gore's consultant was paid the whopping sum of $15,000 per month. She was the moderate feminist Naomi Wolf, who while not being of the "backlash" variety, is hardly a radical by any stretch. Presumably, though we can't really be sure, Ms. Wolf was paid to help Gore reach out to women voters.

McCain's was paid $20,000. He was Richard Quinn, publisher of Southern Partisan magazine. Presumably, though we can't really be sure, Mr. Quinn was hired to help McCain reach out to neo-confederate bigot voters.

Which one do you remember hearing about in election 2000?