Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Rittenhouse Review helps with my disinformation campaign.

And Digby defends Kaus:

The averge stoopid ciddizun don' unnersand no politicks an cudd nevir see that Sennadur Lott sed sumthin bad widdout gittin thuh werd frum Hillry or sumbuddy who is smart.

Gud thing Mikkey iz around ta sed us strate on whoos in charje cuz utherwize Slaight mite fire him fer spendin 2 munts slappin' Howell Rains fer havin' "suthern wite boy gilt" an ackting lik it wuz stoopud tuh wurry 'bout civul rites in this dae n aege.

Now ther sayin' thet sum dum regalar guy wuth nuthin but a modum knue that thuh mujoridy leeder of thuh Sinate wuz a big ole biggot when he sed segrugashun wuz gud, thad this regalar guy rote aboudit all bye hisself!

No weigh.

Mikkey noes sum regalor guy cudden see sumthin HE didun see so it mussed be a perfeshunal politicker hoo did it, lik Cidnie Boogieman who iz in charje of thuh branes of all thuh librulz everywear.

Cuz we stooopud ciddizunz cuddent ever no sumthing a big impordant wrider like Mikkey Kaus duzzent no. He gitz pade an evrything.