Friday, December 27, 2002

TAPPED says that it's wrong for the NAACP et. al to turn every issue they support into a civil rights issue. I say the Republicans mobilize opposition to all of these issues by covertly making them about race. If they're going to do that, now is a good time to call them on it. It's silly to pretend these things aren't about race when they are. Or, the CBC and NAACP can do their best to be invisible in an attempt to neutralize this element of the Southern Strategy.

No one's advocating screaming "racist" every time someone opposes the NAACP agenda. However, contrary to what TAPPED says, most of these issues are actually civil rights issues.

After a cup of coffee and reading what they wrote again - I think there's less actual distance between us. But, emphasis in these things matters. I find it absolutely maddening that in the wake of the Trent Lott affair so much ink is spilt on the issue of whether the NAACP, the CBC, and the Democrats in general are going to "overplay the race card." Screw that - it's time to point out the obvious - the Republicans have been overplaying the goddamn race card for years. The media has ignored it. Most Democrats have ignored it. It's time to yell it from the rooftops. Let's spend some time wondering when the Republicans are going to stop playing the race card. Let's spend some time wondering when any right wing politician or pundit is going to demonstrate even the slightest degree of moral and intellectual consistency and denounce John Ashcroft, whose record is far worse than Lott's. Let's stop pretending the confederate flag issue - and the entire neoconfederate movement behind it - isn't mostly about extending a giant middle finger to the African American community. Let's stop playing into the fake notion that Democrats are always exploiting race. Democrats are always desperately running from racial issues - and they should stop.