Thursday, December 19, 2002

Ward Connerly - lunatic?

I think Herbert's column makes that point pretty clear:

"Supporting segregation need not be racist," said Mr. Connerly. "One can believe in segregation and believe in equality of the races."

oh boy.

Now we know where David Frum is coming from when he says:

There isn’t a more inspiring political figure in America than Ward Connerly.

Look, Connerly's statement just doesn't fly in the face the view of any non-mouthbreathing people that "separate but equal" is Not Okay - it also completely goes against his own "colorblind California" initiative. It's unclear how the collection of statistics by race is "racism" while explicity support of segregation is not. Where do they get these people?

Jesse has more.

And, while we're on this, the number of African-Americans who have been given bonus points and been admitted to this list of elite schools can't possibly come close to the number of legacy admissions.

Princeton: 12.4%; 11.6% (different years)
Yale: 13.4%
U. of Penn.: 10%
Brown: 7%; "about 10%" (different years)
Columbia: 6%
Cornell: 13%
U. of Chicago: "just over 5 percent"
Bucknell: 5.6%
Boston College: 12.1%
Holy Cross: 10.7%
Wake Forest: "about 8%"
Johns Hopkins: 12.4%
Notre Dame: 23%; 22% (different years)
Ithaca College: 1.8%
U. of Virginia: 12.6%
U. of Rochester: 5.4%
Amherst: 10%
Middlebury: 5%
Colby: 4%
Villanova: 7%

These legacy admissions are, at least at the moment, strongly racist in *effect* if not intent, as past admissions and discrimination practices by these schools ensure that a disproportionate number of white applicants are "legacies." The racist policies of the past still have their legacy (ha ha!) today.