Friday, December 06, 2002

Wargasm™ of the Day
(courtesy of vaara)

From AndyLand.

<...> the December 8 deadline is so important. It's the first clear trip-wire for war. (pant pant pant) What if Saddam produces a list of mainly civilian-use technology and the Bush administration declares that it knows it's incomplete. What then? (grooannnn, oh yeah) <...> If his December 8 declaration is a lie, then Saddam is clearly violating (unnhhhh!) the terms of the 1991 truce and the U.N.'s last chance option. So we declare war (oh God yes, YES!!). We could be on a direct war-path by next week (Ohh FUUCCKKKK YEAH!!!!). In fact, I think it's highly likely we will be. (oh yeah, c'mon, GIVE IT TO ME!)And then the counter-strikes (ngh ngh UNH UNH ) in Northern Lebanon and throughout the West may well be ramped up. (AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!) This is the calm before the storm. As snow blankets much of us, we should savor it while we can.

(Damn! I need a cigarette!)

(uggabugga has a cute picture, too)