Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Apparently Steven de Beste of the Clueless has admitted that emotionally he just wants to "kill them all." I'd like to take a different view of him than his critics and praise him for maybe, just maybe, starting down the path of having empathy. Given Mr. de Beste's presumably comfortable life which is little affected by the I/P situation in any direct way, aside from impelling him to spend time writing thousands of furious words about it, perhaps he can begin to understand the also often misplaced rage and actions of people who are actually in the middle of that mess.

And, no I don't have any sympathy for people who strap on explosives and blow up buses with children in them, and definitely none for the people who convince them to do it and aid their actions, but I do have some sympathy for their situations before they went down this hideous unexcusable path, and some empathy with the twisted rage and emotions that sent them there. Perhaps Mr. de Beste does now as well.