Saturday, January 11, 2003

CalPundit tells us about guns.

Gun enthusiasts keep telling us that what we really need to do is enforce existing laws, not create new ones. Then shouldn't we reform the BATF and give them the power and funding they need to enforce the law? Or do we only do that for laws that we like?

And here CalPundit notes that John Lott is a bit of a fraud.

Actually, I have no doubt that John Lott is a total fraud. While I haven't read "More Guns, Less Crime," I have read his work on Florida voting in election 2000 which is about the most transparently deliberately fraudulent piece of "research" I have ever seen. So, supporters of his work be warned - you are supporting a fraud.

And, the manufacturing of fraudulent research intended to obfuscate the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters, disproportionately minority, makes him anti-American and a racist, too.

Oh, and Roger Ailes has more on guns with an assist from Mac Diva.