Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Dittoheads Write letters

When it comes to the economy, President Bush is demonstrating genuine leadership. ...

Columbia Daily Herald - January 12, 2003

Green Bay [WI] Press Gazette 1/12/2003

The News Sun, 1/10/2003

The Manhattan [KS] Mercury, Jan 8, 2003

The Lynchburg Ledger

The Jersey Journal, January 09, 2003

The Star Press, Muncie IN, 1/15/2003

Merced Sun-Star, Merced CA, January 9, 2003

Tucson Citizen Jan. 9, 2003

Santa Barbara News Press 1/10/03

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution January 9, 2003

Chicago Tribune January 15, 2003

Boston Globe

(thanks to Tom Arthur)

Editors are usually unhappy about publishing astroturf letters, but for some reason they're unable to spot even painfully obvious ones like this one. Maia Cowan has this advice:

If you see the Astroturf letter in a newspaper, write to the Letters Page editors to let them know they've been scammed. Include the list of newspapers where the identical letter has appeared. It may help them recognize and avoid other form letters.

Write your own letter to provide facts to counter the disinformation in the form letter.
When you write your own Letter to the Editor, choose a few crucial facts and focus on them. Try to keep the letter to about 150 words, the average acceptable length. Use your own wording. Be polite. And remember, spelling counts.