Sunday, January 05, 2003

If I were the horse, I'd say here are the names and email addresses of everyone in the best little whorehouse in D.C. But, I'm much more polite than that (ha ha), so here's your chance to communicate with the noble and honorable Washington press corps. All of them.

Take back the media says:

It's time to remind the Washington Press Corps that they're there to do a job, not make best friends with the administration that they're supposed to be covering objectively. We at Take Back The Media urge you to email, fax or phone these correspondents and let them know that their utter lack of hard work is not going unnoticed. Tell them that the way to get information out of Ari is to stand up to him, not to let him obfuscate. Tell them that they're supposed to be covering the White House, not trying to befriend those who work there. Tell them that their journalistic ancestors are watching their actions with horror and disgust.