Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Last night's Donahue wasn't a perfect show, but it was consistently funny from start to finish. Go read the transcript, and if you missed it just try and imagine Bernie Goldberg's face when a caller said this:

DONAHUE: Billy from Tennessee. You waited. I thank you for your patience. What did you want to say?
CALLER: Phil, thank you. I think the main thing I wanted to say is I’m sad that the conservatives you have on tonight have done a poor job of articulating our conservative argument, which I think is another bias of the press is that you always pick very smart, astute liberals, like Al Franken, who are very articulate, and then you have conservatives who scratch their heads and can’t come back with something.
DONAHUE: Oh, well...

I'm pretty sure the caller continued a bit longer where it says "crosstalk," but you get the idea..