Monday, January 06, 2003

Mark Morford explains why republicans are twice as likely to participate in online surveys:

Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to participate in online surveys, mostly because such surveys are usually broken down into simplistic good-vs. evil binary choices and nifty multiple-choice answers and cute pretty pie charts that are much easier for them to understand than actual issues and political stories that might be, you know, complicated or messy or remotely nuanced, according to a poll. Among those who go online to catch up on politics, almost half of Republicans, 46 percent, said they like to register their opinions in online surveys, whereas only 28 percent of Dems did so, preferring instead to participate in sad little online chat rooms where they coddle each other and sigh heavily and lament about the lack of true Dem leadership and note how the party has devolved into a bunch of emasculated apologist wimpheads, all scared Uncle Cheney is gonna smack them upside the head if they say something naughty about Shrub's War. "Me like click pretty buttons hee hee yay," giggled one Repub, giddily clicking little surveys on the USA Today site. "Um, we sort of disagree with Article 123.5 in the latest national budget sub-clause of Section 772.2, maybe," whined one Dem leader, sheepishly, before being smacked upside the head.

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