Friday, January 10, 2003

More Pickering Lies

Apparently he denied that his partner was a segregationist.

Pickering also denied that former Mississippi Lt. Gov. Carroll Gartin, who was Pickering's law partner from 1961 to 1971, was a segregationist. But Pickering changed that tune when Durbin waved copies of an old campaign ad. It showed Gartin waving a pen with which, he declares in the ad, he "will veto any effort to weaken our defenses around our Southern way of life."

Pickering said he believed Gartin was "trying to move the state forward and still stay in politics." Right. Sometimes you have to go along to get ahead.


Pickering initially decried descriptions of Gartin as a segregationist. But he admitted Gartin had made "racist statements" after Durbin waved copies of an old campaign ad showing Gartin waving a pen that he said he had used to sign Mississippi's segregation laws.

As I said before, he could have escaped his past had he tried. His lies on this subject do nothing to inspire confidence. He knows full well what his past political life was like. He's had ample opportunity to be up front about it and renounce his past associations, positions, and views. However, he's continued to obfuscate. I suppose being honest would have prevented him from moving the state forward while still staying in politics. Hah.