Thursday, January 23, 2003

MWO I think gets Sully here:

Sully calls upon all gay members of the panel to quit if Thacker is appointed.

Say, what? What's this identity politics all of a sudden from Andrew Sullivan, of all people.

MWO calls upon every member of the President's Advisory Commission on HIV and AIDS -- gay and straight, Republican and Democratic (if there are any of the latter) -- to quit if Jerry Thacker is appointed, including the commission's co-chairman, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, who served as Secretary of Health and Human Services under Poppy.

Not because of their sexuality -- but simple as good Americans who stand against bigotry in every form.

It's not surprising that the minute that Sully embraces Identity Politics he gets it wrong. The "identity politics" came over the past few days when members of the gay community recoiled in shock and horror, uncovered what this guy stood for, noted the cover up, and tried to force ths issue into the media. The "identity politics" came in when, once again, a pissed upon minority group has to go into overdrive to try and defend its own while the rest of us have to be dragged along. Once it hits the Washington Post, it has little to do with identity politics and everything to do with the rejection of bigotry.