Friday, January 10, 2003

Nathan Newman tells us about Pickering's heroic testimony against the Klan, which involved concern about Klan violence against whites, not blacks.

Here is the lengthy transcript in its entirety:

Defense Counsel: Do you know of Sam Bowers’ reputation in the community?
Pickering: Yes.

Defense Counsel: Is it good or bad?
Pickering: It’s bad.

Defense Counsel: Do you know that Sam Bowers teaches Sunday School?
Pickering: Yes.

Defense Counsel: Thank you. That will be all.

Newman concludes:

For this he's supposed to get a pass on protesting desegregation in 1964 and leaving the Democratic Party?

[leaving the democratic party was part of the protest]

UPDATE: To be fair, there may be prosecution testimony as well. Or not. It isn't clear.

In any case - the major point is that this much lauded case had nothing to do with Pickering standing up for the black community, but it was instead just one bunch of segregationist assholes against another.