Monday, February 10, 2003

Allow the March

Reader DKNJ sends this in:

New York City has always been an icon, standing for some of the Best and some of the worst about the US. The best included things like Ellis Island, Broadway, Madison Ave., Macy Thanksgiving Day parade, Times Square, the World Trade Center (before 9-11) and others. The bad things included things like muggings, rapes in Central Park, and a few more items.

After 9-11, the WTC was held up as an icon of the US, to show the rest of the world , that Americans could come together to triumph over adversity. People from all over the US came to help out, and the people of the world showed their support for New Yorkers.
Firefighters, Police, EMT’s, and others were held up as Heroes, and New York City showed just how good it could be.

Now, unfortunately, they are showing their bad side. The Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito, have decided that they can do away with one of our Rights given to us under the 1st Amenment, specifically the right to protest. There is an Anti-War rally scheduled for February 15th, to march by the UN, to show the dissatisfaction of some Americans with this upcoming war. The Mayor, Police Commissioner and Police Chief, have refused to let these demostrators get a permit to march, even though the organizers have followed every rule and law necessary to obtain the permit.

Whether or not you agree with what the demonstrators have to say, I think all Veterans will agree, that under the US Constitution, which we all swore to uphold, these demonstrators have the right to a peaceful protest. After all, wasn’t that one of the things we were all willing to sacrifice and fight for?

How can the Mayor and company, not allow this to happen in a democracy like the US? What gives these politicians and political appointees the power to take away our hard earned Rights?

Tell Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Kelly and Chief Esposito, that this is still the United States of America, and it’s people have the Constitutional Right to Protest, and that they should issue not only a Permit, but an apology to all Americans.
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