Monday, February 10, 2003

Bush is Objectively Pro-Bigot

Bush has gone to speak to the National Association of Religious Broadcasters. I'll be sure to link to what people are reporting is a truly frightening speech when the trancsript is out, but let's consider what the organizers of the event are saying:

Nashville, Tennessee-AP -- As Muslims wrap up their annual pilgrimage, the chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters has called Islam "a pagan religion."

UPDATE: More statements from the head of the organization (thanks to fusion)

Because this was a national call to prayer by the President and because our dear brother and NRB member, Billy Graham, was slotted to preach during the service at the National Cathedral, I made the decision to air the entire service on our network’s TV stations. I became not only concerned, but also mildly alarmed when I learned that an Islamic Imam was on the rostrum and invited to the pulpit of this Christian church to invoke the name of "Allah" (which he did).

While I do not mean to sound intolerant or confrontational, biblically speaking, Islam is a pagan religion. We must resist every attempt to neutralize our distinctives; we must not allow Christianity to be placed on equal footing with Islam.

These are the people Bush supports. These are the people whose views he is legitimizing with his presence. These are the people he is planning to give lots of money to while exempting them from anti-discrimination laws.