Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Chrysler Racial Discrimination Suit

I'm sure Dinesh D'Souza will make a fine expert witness for the defense.

DaimlerChrysler denied low- interest car loans to customers because they were black and employed a financing manager who regularly spewed racial epithets, a federal lawsuit in Chicago alleged Monday.

Six African Americans from the Chicago area sued the fifth-largest automaker, alleging they were victims of redlining and were recently turned down for Chrysler loans at a South Side dealership, then named
Marquette Chrysler Jeep, which is now under new ownership. The customers had received high marks for their credit histories but had to get loans with higher interest rates at other financial institutions, the lawsuit


"Do you really believe that these people really think that they should have a new car?" the manager allegedly asked. "These people shouldn't be able to get financing for a Schwinn [bicycle]. Those n------ have never
paid anyone."

The zone manager said he would allow "some n------" to take out loans at suburban dealerships "because at least they're smart enough not to get shot while trying to buy a car in the ghetto."