Monday, February 10, 2003

Dumb and Dumber

It's interesting that certain people condemn innocent " arabophilia of Prince Charles" while ignoring the FundamentalistIslamicophilia that sits proudly in the living room next to the elephant:

Rohrbacher with Afghan rebels, 1988
Photo courtesy Congressman Dana Rohrbacher

(zizka has more)

I'm no fan of any of the governments in that region. And, if one wants to condemn Arabophilia of this sort it starts and ends with the la familia Arbusto. But, it's one thing to condemn the governments, another thing to shoot your spitballs at the "culture," particularly when you're shooting said spitballs at a man in an interesting hat. One is valid political criticism, one is just adolescent bigotry.

The U.K. has a surprisingly multicultural society - one which doesn't mirror our own multiculturalism, but diverse in its own unique way. Brits should be thankful that Prince Charles can bring them out of bad old days of the regular racist gaffes of Prince Philip and attempt - in word and deed - to acknowledge and embrace that diversity. One day he'll be King of a population that has changed immensely since the last coronation. The more recent arrivals are no less British than the previous ones, and a monarch who recognizes that and attempts to represent all Britons should be commended.

I'm no fan of hereditary monarchy, but as long as it is there any attempts to bring it up to date and transcend exclusionary politics should be praised, not mocked.