Monday, February 10, 2003

Kerry the Jew

I'm really quite surprised that there hasn't been more reaction to the anti-Semitic scrawlings of Joan Venocchi. The Daily Howler, Dan Kennedy, Joe Conason, and The Horse all discuss it. While it perhaps makes for an interesting biographical detail, Venocchi tries to turn it into something sinister. The original column was bad enough, but her response to Dan Kennedy was even more pathetic:

When you think of all the profiles that have been written about the man over the last 15 years, by local and national political reporters, it is quite obvious that he did not routinely present the full picture of who he is. Before you or anyone else starts accusing me of anti-Semitism, let me stress that I am not making any value judgment about the "full picture." I am simply saying that in the past, he made no real effort to set the record straight. Only now, as a presidential candidate, is he visiting synagogues in Florida.

You know, my paternal grandparents were Jewish too. I have never considered myself to be Jewish because of that. I have never identified myself as Jewish. If I were running for president I assume that biographical articles of me would mention that information - fine - but to then go on to link that with my visiting - or not visiting - Synagogues would be truly bizarre.