Monday, February 03, 2003

O'Reilly Post-Game

Symbolman did really well until blowhard derailed him about NPR. The thing about NPR is, to the extent that it's liberal it isn't spewing RNC talking points all day. And, in addition, it provides a 24/7 platform for the various subsidized pundits from all of your favorite right wing groups. "Liberal" in the NPR context means having some people who are vaguely sympathetic to moderate democrats, who are always 'balanced' by Moonies from Heritage and the like. There is no NPR Limbaugh, or NPR O'Reilly. NPR doesn't have regular voices from labor, doesn't have a regular voice from the minority community (except Tavis Smiley whose show doesn't have a decent timeslot in most markets). It's "liberalism" is at its most extreme "E.J. Dionne" liberalism, which is drowned out by the regular stream of AEI, Heritage, Weekly Standard, etc... representatives. Also, O'Reilly lied about the number of stations NPR has - they claim 620, he said 800.