Sunday, February 16, 2003

Poor Hitchens

Now he's inventing things about his own love life AND Bill Clinton's:

Controversies never seem to elude some people. Bill Clinton is one of them.

While Clinton and writer Christopher Hitchens were at Oxford, they reportedly shared a "girlfriend" who has been revealed now as a radical lesbian. She is a lecturer and writer on Princess Diana.

The media frantically searched for the girl ever since Hitchens said he and Clinton shared a girlfriend while at Oxford. "We had a girlfriend in common — who has since become a very famous radical lesbian. So one of us was doing something wrong or right."

The Sunday Times identified her as Mandy Merck and claimed she admitted to being the friend in question. She played strip poker with Clinton and exchanged a kiss with Hitchens, she told the Sunday, but added her preference was for her own sex.

Merck insisted she was never the girlfriend of either. "Hitchens once asked me 'did we have a moment?' and I said I recalled a kiss, little thinking he would imagine we were dating partners."

As for strip poker with Clinton, Merck said she managed to depart with most of her clothes. "I think I was the winner, because I got to leave first. Sex might have taken place afterwards but it didn't take place with me."

Merck is well-known in the Left circles. She and Clinton lived in the same anti-Vietnam war student hangout in Oxford.

"He (Clinton) knew I was a lesbian very early on in our friendship and it did not in any way eroticise or de-eroticise things."