Monday, February 17, 2003

Potent and Continent

From the Chris Matthews Show this weekend:

MATTHEWS: Let's talk about home front now, because I think this is--this is going to go somewhere but I'm not sure where we're going to end up next week on this one. We're going to know more next week about home protection. I'm stunned this week about politics. And
this week in politics, Democratic candidate John Kerry announced that he had prostate cancer. He had his prostate removed, and on the way to the hospital, I--in the New York Times, you must have read--he had a 90 percent chance of keeping his potency and 99 percent
chance of keeping his continence. I want--I don't know who to start with this. Tucker, I'm going to Tucker.

Mr. CARLSON: Don't look at me!

MATTHEWS: Is this--is this what it means to run for office today, that you have to be a walking medical chart, that everybody knows everything?

Mr. CARLSON: Well, let me defend media excess by saying, I think Americans want a continent, potent president. But that said...