Thursday, February 06, 2003

What Liberal Media #1 At Eschaton!

So far 47 of you have ordered it, which clearly puts it at the top of the Eschaton Bestseller List. Not quite as presitigious as that of the Times, but hey.

On a related note, via Calpundit I see that Alterman is going head to head against Bozell for the second time over in the National Review's sandbox.

Here's the transcript from last night's show. As far as I can tell Bozell didn't score a single point. That's my fair and balanced opinion, as always.

Alterman will be on Fox News at 5pm today, apparently.

And, while we're on poor Brent Bozell, the Hamster notes that how our boy Brent feels free to piss on the grave of the recently deceased Sarah Petit, in the article I mention below. But, we should feel sorry for the moralizing Brent. After all, it is his cousin that's been violating a commandment or two, not the nasty homosexuals he can't stop talking about.