Friday, February 07, 2003

What Plagiarism?

Joe Conason ends his discussion of the plagiarism story with this comment:

What any American reading these stories must wonder is why our own news organizations have ignored this remarkable story so far.


I mean, regardless of what one thinks about the relevance of this to the war/no war question, it should be a major news story, and it has practically gone unreported. Ibrahim al-Marashi was on Lou Dobbs yesterday and Lou didn't even bring it up. A major "intelligence report," released at a critical moment in the war debate and praised by Colin Powell in a key speech to the U.N., was discovered not to have been the result of any intelligence gathering at all. It has caused major embarrassment for our only real ally in this thing and increases the possibility his government won't survive this decision - and our press has been practically silent on it thus far?

*As Spike and Buffy noted the other night, the phrase "who you gonna call?" is no longer fit for being used. I believe indeed is about there as well.