Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Charles Murtaugh Thinks Liberals Hate Devout Christians

But they shouldn't because, well, like, some black people are devout Christians.


Al Gore and Bill Clinton were the most devoutly Christian men to be elected president since, well, Jimmy Carter.

Anyway, I wrote a longer post about this earlier but it got eaten. Here's the punchline:

Liberals have contempt for people who try and mandate the teaching of creationism. We have contempt for people that have built an entire political movement by demonizing gays and lesbians. We have contempt for people who wish to install a theocracy. We have contempt for people who think a good use of government money is funding abstinence programs set up by the Moonies. We have contempt for people don't respect OUR religion. We have contempt for supposedly devout people like George Bush who upon travelling to the Middle East "joked" that he was going to inform Israelis that they were all going to hell. We have contempt for high ranking public officials like James Watt whose belief in impending armageddon drove his environmental policy. We have contempt for the fact that the media have turned Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell into the public faces of religion in this country. We have contempt for people who wish to ban contraception and prevent women from getting adequate medical care.

Christians are great. Devout Christians are great. Devout fundamentalist Christians are great. Devout evangelical Christians who are light on the evangelical are fine. Theocrats are not. People shoving their religious beliefs down my throat, giving me no respect for mine, and wishing to put religion into the public schools are not fine. People who would rather violate federal anti-dscrimination regulations than receive federal funding are not fine. People whose sick beliefs make them want to inflict torture on others by attempting to "cure" young gay and lesbian kids in "conversion camps" are not fine.

Most devoutly Christian black churches aren't involved with any of this stuff, so if liberal contempt for theocrats is mostly directed at white theocrats, that's why.

end of rant.