Monday, March 17, 2003

I Hate Nat Hentoff

Seriously. I know he's a civil libertarian, yada yada yada, but he's also a bigot and a homophobe and frankly I can do without him. Here he is being deliberately deceptive in the Moonie Times:

Favoring affirmative action — as pursued by the University of Michigan and other colleges and universities — is Harvard law school professor Randall Kennedy, whom I usually agree with on constitutional issues. He writes in the American Prospect Magazine that "white 'victims' of affirmative action occupy the ranks of the unintentionally injured."
First of all, the standard rationale for colleges giving a "plus" to black and Hispanic applicants is that they must intentionally be admitted in enough numbers to provide a "critical mass" in the student body so that the other students will benefit from a diversity of views and backgrounds. But poor qualified white Appalachian applicants don't figure into that ideal of diversity, thereby intentionally injuring them.

Actually, according to the University of Michigan's undergradute admissions policy, all students can receive the same 20 points that minority students can receive for "socieconomic disdvantage." Kids from mostly white rural Michigan can also get additional bonus points on top of this. His poor Appalachian kids could also potentially get points for being from underrepresented states.