Saturday, March 08, 2003

Keep Gays Out of the Military

Says Colin Powell.

(Washington, D.C.) US Secretary of State Colin Powell says gays and lesbians do not belong in the military. In an interview with the online teen magazine Powel defended 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'.

While denouncing homophobia and acknowledging the work of lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans at the State Department, the former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff noted that ". . . I think it's a different matter with respect to the military, because you're essentially told who you're going to live with, who you're going to sleep next to."

His remarks to the teenage readers was in direct conflict with a recent study that shows that lifting the ban on lesbian, gay and bisexual service members would not compromise the privacy of heterosexual troops. The study, by Professor Aaron Belkin of the University of California-Santa Barbara and Melissa S. Embser-Herbert appears in the current issue of International Security.

Powell's defense of 'Don't Ask' also comes as the number of calls increase to an organization providing legal help to gay soldiers.

Same arguments that were used against integrating the military.