Saturday, March 08, 2003

The Last Straw

CalPundit joins us. And Sean-Paul.

I hate to say it, but...what took you so long? Not bashing Kevin, really, but I've just been absolutely confused by the fact that so many intelligent reasonable people were unable to see this for the cynical deceptive enterprise that it was from the beginning.

Remember, back in the summer when the Iraq chatter started heating up in the media we would have Rumsfeld saying things like "why is everyone talking about Iraq? There are no plans for Iraq!" Then Andy Card mentioned the post-labor day marketing rollout. Suddenly we had the patriotism of people like Max Cleland being questioned. At every step, explosive new exciting evidence of Just How Dangerous Saddam Really Is was just around the corner. At each new unveiling, it was always conjecture at best and more generally lies and deception.

The worst part of all of this were the deliberate attempts to link Saddam Hussein to the events of 9/11. Nice way to exploit the deaths of 3000 people. I've been informed by readers that Republican congressmen have been telling their constituents during town hall meetings that there is "secret evidence" that Hussein was behind 9/11. Well, if Hussein was behind 9/11 why the hell is it secret and more importantly why the hell haven't we fired a missle up his ass yet?

Each step deception. Each step cynical exploitation. Each step complete incompetence. How the hell could ANYONE be on board with this?