Sunday, March 02, 2003

Marshall's Mea Culpa

I suppose this is probably it.

I don't mean to knock Josh, but the media debate on this subject has run essentially from Josh Marshall on the Left to Richard Perle on the Right. Now, that isn't Josh's fault, but when "even liberal Josh Marshall..." gives the administration the benefit of the doubt, the media happily frames the issue as a battle between slightly nervous hawks and maniacal hawks.

And, while even liberal Josh Marshall is entitled to his views, which I believe are genuine, for whatever reason he's unnecessarily used his soapbox not to moderate the maniacal hawks but to chastize the doves. There was no need to chastize us, as they for the most part we didn't have our own soapbox, except to the extent that Sully and his ilk would paint us as treasonous Saddam-lovers.

UPDATE: Just wanted to add I'm being a bit too hard on Marshall here. He's been quite valuable in shining some light on the lunacy of the maniacal hawks. Nonetheless, much of his schtick has been about drawing more people into the "Pollack Liberal" camp.