Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Michael Tomasky

Tomasky's good. I'm glad he has another outlet for his media columns. This week he discusses the UN spying story, and why American media didn't pick it up. He rightly asserts that the pre-emptive strikes by Drudge and the Washington Times questioned the stories veracity enough to make other outlets shy away. But, frankly, even if the editors of the New York Times were concerned about the memo's legitimacy, that shouldn't have stopped them from publishing the story. If one checks the international press, the story obviously had a big impact on the wavering nations on the Security Council. Even if the memo had proven to be a fake, it was playing a huge role in the ongoing saga of international diplomacy surrounding the Iraq situation in the UN. For the US media to essentially ignore that story is a travesty.

Of course, now we know that the memo wasn't a fake, and not only should they report on the story they should do a bit of a follow-up. You know, talk to some politicians and diplomats in those countries that were a bit upset about this.

I guess that's too much to ask.