Friday, March 07, 2003

More Dishonesty

I see that Instapundit has joined in the attempt to smear Congresswoman Kaptur by taking the usual tactic of pretending she said something she didn't and arguing with that.

Kaptur was making a point which all of the warbloggers would presumably agree with - that we ignore religious zealots with political causes at our peril. Her comments were more Little Green Footballs than Robert Fisk. Her comparison to the American Revolutionary War was not a comparison of the rightness of the causes or tactics, but rather a warning about the dangers.

One can say A is like B for some reasons without saying A is like B for all reasons. The meaning of Kaptur's words is plain. One can disagree with her point, but she is not making the point her detractors claim she did.

As Kaptur said:

"It appears my statement has been purposefully taken out of context. Partisan political maneuvers, at this serious moment in history, serve neither America nor our quest to conquer this dangerous enemy of free people.

"My comments were intended to point out that what faces us is a rising revolution being felt across repressive regimes of the Arab and Islamic world. That revolution is aimed at casting off the existing order. Not to recognize the magnitude of the fervor that is being turned against America is to ignore the real enemy.

"The American people understand the power of revolution. It is in that context that I referred to the American Revolution. World powers have been born out of revolution. Terrorism in the name of revolution is not acceptable. Ever."

Reynolds is now the Limbaugh of the Blogosphere. Congrats, Glenn.