Tuesday, March 04, 2003

More Nonsense in Miami-Dade


Leaders of a coalition of black religious and rights organizations announced Friday they would mobilize their membership to support a Sept. 10 referendum to repeal protections in the Miami-Dade County code for gay men and lesbians.

'We are urging all citizens and Christians to vote `yes' for the repeal of this ordinance, especially the clergy,'' said the Rev. Joe Silas, president of People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality, or PULSE.

The group's executive director, Nathaniel Wilcox, is co-chairman of Take Back Miami-Dade, the group fighting for the repeal of a 1998 amendment to the county's human rights ordinance extending protections to gay men and lesbians.

''Biologically it's wrong, spiritually it's wrong and with regard to civil rights it's wrong,'' Silas said. 'If my orientation is, `I like animals,' then I have a right to have animals, though that may be taking it to an extreme.''

UPDATE: Oy, this is "Old news"....my bad, just switch to past tense.