Saturday, March 22, 2003

Not My Problem

I'm tired of the latest rash of columns by well-meaning liberal do-gooders, and their enablers on the right, who are pleading for the anti-war left (ignoring, as the rest of the media does - the rather sizeable anti-war right), to change their focus to ensuring that that post-war Iraq is a pleasant place.

Wake the hell up - in case you haven't noticed this is the Administration That Can Do No Wrong - criticizing the post-war reconstruction is going to be just as unpatriotic and treasonous as criticizing the war has been. The same people who embraced humanitarian reasons to sell this war are going to be sneering at any human rights concerns once Great Satan Saddam is gone, once again labelling human rights and aid organizations as America haters every time they point out that things aren't going quite as swimmingly as we hoped.

I'd rather spend my time on things I might be able to influence.