Friday, March 14, 2003

Now's the time to donate to your favorite Senator

Or to the DSCC. Yeah, sure, they let us down a lot, but consider this recent episode:

In the meantime, Republicans also are trying something new: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist went to the floor with an aggressive move that he believes paints Democrats as obstructionists. He introduced several other conservative judicial nominees for debate on the floor to see if Democrats would object — leading to this interesting exchange with Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, a top Democrat.

FRIST: Deborah Cook?
REID: Objection.
FRIST: John Roberts?
REID: Objection
FRIST: Jay S. Bybee?
REID: Objection.
FRIST: Timothy Tymkovich?
REID: Objection

Go Harry! Give them some money, and make sure to tell them why.

(via Smythesworld)