Friday, March 07, 2003


David Neiwert has some stuff up which is worth reading.

David's book is also really a "must-read." It's also a much "bigger" book than it appears on the surface, perhaps a bigger book than he realized when he first wrote it. It's nominally about the Patriot/Militia/White Supremacist movements, but it's also about much more than that. One of the unarguable media biases which exists is the "coastal bias" or "urban-rural bias." Remember, for example, David Brooks' hilarious journey into "Red State" territory. Such biases have meant that much rural right wing terrorism - both violent and economic - was largely uncovered by Big Media. It's an underbelly of American society. I don't want to overstate its power and influence, but it has been generally understated and undercovered, and was so even in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The 90s was a strange as of yet not entirely understood decade. I'm quite sure that years from now David's book will be for historians a critical document for understanding American culture and politics of the time.