Monday, March 10, 2003

Pravda on the Potomac

Pathetic, really.

TONY JONES: One of the very intriguing things about this story is it seems to have got very little coverage in the US.

You'd think it would have been huge coverage there.

Is it true that a number of US television networks which scheduled interviews with you cancelled them at the last minute?


It's as well not to get too paranoid about these things and too conspiratorial.

I'm sure on your own show from time to time you bump people at the last minute for perfectly innocent reasons.

And I have to believe that this was why this was happening with the American broadcasters.

However, it did happen three times within the period of about 24 hours.

It happened with NBC, Fox TV and CNN, who appeared very excited about the story to the extent of sending cars to my house to get me into the studio, and at the last minute, were told by their American desks to drop the story.

I think they've got some questions to answer too.