Saturday, March 22, 2003

Pro-America and Anti-War

A disturbing development has been the way the media has been willing to contrast being "pro-america" with being "anti-war." This manifests itstelf in the way Bush administration supporting Clear Channel's corporate sponsored "pro-America rallies" were set against the "anti-war" rallies. It also has manifested itself in the way that there are no longer "critics" of the policies of the Bush administration - there are now only "dissenters." This word marginalizes and confers minority status on those who are against the way the Bush administration has pursued this war, even though while the majority may have supported some war, a majority were against this war (before the inevitable 'support the troops' mentality took hold after the war started).

And, it is manifested by something just heard on ABC:

"While the flag wavers are in the majority, the flag burners are making their voices heard."

It's the people saying things like that who are anti-American, not me. And the fact that I even have to make this point - not to the drooling fascists over at Der FreiRepublik, but to the stars of the Fourth Estate - is scary indeed.