Thursday, March 20, 2003

Quark Soup

What he says:

Troops are marching north through Iraq and its capital is being bombed into submission, and Glenn Reynolds still can't stop taking potshots at the antiwar movement. What's the matter, Glenn, worried that there might be one or two Americans somewhere who haven't yet knelt in complete deference to the new American empire?

There's something fundamentally disgraceful about a professor of law who can't see the value of dissent--or at least its honest respectability--whether it's one person, a hundred, or a hundred thousand. Without dissent we'd probably still be mired in Vietnam, only with a body count five times higher.

Of all people, a professor ought to be able to see the gray between the black and the white.

I think Digby's post here explains things.

The Republicans have the strange habit of getting manic and agitated just after they win a battle. They become enraged when they find that winning didn't result in unconditional surrender by the political opposition.