Saturday, March 15, 2003

Rhetoric At Pro-War Rallies

Many of the speakers at anti-war rallies have gotten a lot of criticism (quite often justified). But, as Digby points out - rightly or wrongly, these speakers were always criticizing the people in power, not their fellow American private citizens. This is not the case at the "pro-war rally" in which apparently "hairy underarmed lesbians" is the favored punchline. Glad all the pro-war folks are objectively pro-bigot, and that they hate their fellow Americans.

UPDATE: Here's the transcript of the CNN coverage:

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We were starting to believe that we were surrounded by them, by the ones that are the freaks in the limousine, the ones with the hairy armpits and the lesbian, whatever that is. We thought we were being surrounded by California.

Today, today, I'm proud to tell you they are clear, we surround them.


MATTINGLY: Things wrapping up right now. They just had the song, "Proud to be an American" playing. People singing along with it.

Again quite a few thousand more people than they expected for this rally, particularly with this kind of rain. So promoters very happy with the showing here today and people leaving with a very good feeling that their opinion is being made known across the country.

Back to you.

WHITFIELD: And David, to make it clear, the folks that are assembling there in Atlanta say this is not a pro-war rally but instead, it is one showing patriotism, showing support of the troops, as you mentioned, as well as the president's plans?

MATTINGLY: That is the theme here, support for the troops, for American soldiers right now in the Middle East. They say they don't want a repeat of what they saw after Vietnam, where soldiers came home and were not treated with respect. They want to make sure that does not happen again this time.

Well, if support the troops is the message, why the hell are they talking about "freaks in the limousine, the ones with the hairy armpits and the lesbian, whatever that is."

Time and time again these people prove who they're really threatened by.

Goddamn pathetic bigots.