Sunday, March 30, 2003

Ricin Returns

I have no idea if Saddam has a secret stash of Ricin which he plans to use to kill us all. But, it isn't particularly good at killing many people, and more to the point it is incredibly easy to make, so it's totally ridiculous to try and connect the Ricin previously found in London with Iraqi Ricin.

UPDATE: The London Ricin was homemade, so any news outlet that reports this "connection" with a straight face should be ashamed of themselves. That never stops them, of course.

Castor oil beans - from which ricin is made - and equipment and containers for crushing the beans were found at a flat in Wood Green, north London, where one of the men was arrested.

Police said forensic analysis of the address - where a small quantity of material tested positive as ricin - was continuing, although they do believe the poison was made there.

(thanks Spike)